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Welcome to Scrubby DubbyTM Laundromat. The clean, hygienic and Eco friendly Laundromat in Auckland.

A brand new trendy self-service Laundromat as well as partial serviced laundry facility located on 3/60 Ti Rakau Drive Pakuranga with free parking within the complex and 460 Dominion Rd Mt Eden (Parking available at the rear of the Laundromat).

At Scrubby DubbyTM Laundromat we believe our overall attitude towards our customer service makes us stand out.


We are the Cleanest Laundromat…

Our commitment is to provide a clean environment with fully-operational, eco-friendly equipment to speed our laundry process.

We are equipped with brand new washers and dryers, so you don’t have to worry about years of mildew build-up, which is a common problem in older laundries. A committed team of Scrubby DubbyTM cleans and sanitizes all surfaces of the laundry including folding tables and machines – every day.


We’re the Greenest Laundromat…

At Scrubby DubbyTM we believe it is important to be kind to our environment, so we offer large, front-loading washers. These state-of-the-art high efficiency washing machines use less water and are more energy efficient than the top-loading washers. When you use less water you need less soap which will save you money. If you have less water to evaporate in the dryer you are using less gas which saves you time and money.


All of our Laundromat open 7 days a week 8am-8pm

If you run out or forget your laundry supplies, no need to worry, our Laundromat provides single-use laundry detergent, fabric softener. At Scrubby DubbyTM Laundromat we accept Cash or Eftpos so it is less hassle for you to carry cash & coins all the time.

At Scrubby DubbyTM Laundromat you can bring

  • All washable household clothing and textiles
  • Blankets and sheets – King-size, double and single
  • Duvets – King-size, double and single
  • Curtains and upholstery covers


If you are busy, don’t worry just leave your laundry with us we can offer you free Laundry service which include Wash and Drying, yes you are right no additional charges. One less job to worry about!

At Pakuranga we are located on a walking distance of Pakuranga Plaza why not enjoy a coffee or a walk down the shops while your laundry washes/dries or just relax on site comfortable sitting with Freeview TV.

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Scrubby Dubby Laundromat Pakuranga